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23 June 2020
How is Vitebsk Oblast is preparing for the new school year and how will scholarships be awarded to athletes – We have always provided financial assistance to talented athletes, allocating considerable amounts from the budget -Vladimir Terentyev emphasized. - It is necessary to determine the criteria by which assistance is assigned. The most important thing is the result at the international, European, world levels, participation in the Olympiads....
22 June 2020
Orsha completes overhaul and reconstruction of the Palace of Culture The work was started last autumn in accordance with the Decree of the Head of State “On the development of Orsha region of Vitebsk Oblast” and has already reached the finish line. Once erected with an almost imperial scale, the building will soon receive a second life and ultra-modern filling, and residents of the region center and its environs will give a new impetus to the development of creativity....
19 June 2020
Emergency regime abolished in the Latvian Republic According to the information received from the Latvian side, on June 10, the emergency regime introduced due to the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19 was canceled in Latvia, the official representative of the Polotsk border detachment, Denis Glebko, said....
18 June 2020
Decision of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee: 12 agricultural organizations from 8 regions are additionally included in agro-industrial associations of the oblast Agro-industrial associations of Vitebsk Oblast additionally include 12 agricultural organizations from 8 regions. The corresponding decision of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee is published on the official website of the executive body. The largest number of new participants was replenished by an agricultural association on the basis of UE Glubokoe Milk Canning Plant....
17 June 2020
Lukashenko instructed to provide the CEC with the necessary support during the election campaign President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has instructed the CEC to provide the necessary support during the election campaign. He stated this at a meeting on pressing socio-political issues....
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