Address: 2 Karl Marx Street, Senno 211117, Vitebsk oblast


Phone: 02135 5-53-47

Hot line 02135 5-52-96

Main Social sphere Culture and Mass Media

Culture and Mass Media

Leisure and entertainment facilities of the region include 36 clubs, an arts and crafts center, a museum of local lore. There are also two children’s arts schools and a music school.

There is also one regional, two children’s and 32 rural libraries. The regional library has a public legal information center.

In the Senno arts and crafts center one can learn weaving, making tapestries, cane and ceramic articles, embroidering, woodcutting and painting.

There are 23 places and objects of interest in the region, including two architectural, nine archeological, seven historical and five natural sights.

The Senno regional council of deputies and Senno regional executive committee co-founded the regional newspaper Golas Sennenshchyny published since May 1918 and the regional broadcasting studio Na Sennenskikh Prostorakh.