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26 May 2020
Over 80 labor and recreation camps are organized in Vitebsk Oblast Very little time is left before the beginning of the long-awaited time for all schoolchildren - summer holidays. And so that as many children as possible could spend this time interestingly and profitably, preparations for the summer season are in full swing in Vitebsk Oblast. ...
25 May 2020
Pupils of Vitebsk Oblast have won 34 diplomas at the Republican Olympiad The united team of Vitebsk Oblast won 34 diplomas at the final stage of the republican Olympiad among schoolchildren. ...
22 May 2020
Police officers will take control of 82 places of mass rest in Vitebsk Oblast Places of mass rest in Vitebsk Oblast were taken by law enforcement officers under special control. ...
21 May 2020
Names of presidential candidates will become known in July – CEC The names of candidates for the presidency of Belarus will be known in July, CEC Chairperson Lidia Yermoshina said in the Actual Microphone program on the air of the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio. ...
20 May 2020
Agrarians of Vitebsk Oblast completed sowing of spring grain and leguminous plants The farms of Vitebsk Oblast completed the sowing of spring grain and leguminous plants. Their area amounted to 194 thousand hectares in the oblast, said Sergei Egorov, chairman of the committee on agriculture and food of the Oblast Executive Committee. ...
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