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12 May 2020
Polotsk border guards began the study and selection of draftees for military service The relevant work is carried out in military registration and enlistment offices and separate groups of Vitebsk Oblast. To protect the State border of the Republic of Belarus, modern complex weapon systems and equipment are used, requiring deep and versatile knowledge and practical skills. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on members of the border service. One of the most important selection criteria is a high level of physical and moral- psychological preparation. ...
11 May 2020
The medical building of Vitebsk Oblast Hospital "Yurtsevo" was opened after a major overhaul The medical building of Vitebsk Oblast Hospital of invalids of the Great Patriotic War "Yurtsevo" with 30 beds was opened today after a major overhaul with modernization. ...
8 May 2020
The heating season has ended in Vitebsk Oblast In Vitebsk Oblast, it was decided to end the heating season from April 30, the head department of the housing and communal services of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee said. ...
7 May 2020
Pupils of Vitebsk Oblast wrote letters to veterans of the oblast In Vitebsk Oblast, pupils of five schools of the world and other educational institutions applying for this title joined the campaign "Letter to Veteran" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, said Tatyana Tumanova, chairman of the oblast branch of Belarusian Peace Fund. ...
6 May 2020
Challenge of «75 war songs» videos launched in Vitebsk Oblast Challenge of video clips “75 songs about the war”, dedicated to the Great Victory, starts in Vitebsk Oblast. It will become part of the republican patriotic project "Flowers of the Great Victory," the BRYU oblast committee reported. ...
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