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Main Region Geography


The Senno region was founded on July 17, 1924. The total area is 1.964 square kilometers. The region stretches 42 kilometers from north to south and about 70 kilometers from west to east. The region borders on the Liozno, Orsha, Tolochin, Chashniki, Beshenkovichi region. The administrative center of the region is the town of Senno. The region comprises the town of Bogushevsk and 334 villages.
There are 27 rivers and creeks of the total length of 300 kilometers. There are 53 lakes in the Senno region.

Some 41.9% of the territory is covered with forests. These are mainly mixed, predominantly coniferous forests. There are also birch, aspen and alder-tree woods. The soil is mainly turfy, podzol and swampy.

There are the deposits of sand-gravel, clay, organic sapropel.