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23 April 2020
In Vitebsk oblast, more than 3 thousand people are self-insulating In Vitebsk oblast, more than 3 thousand people are on self-isolation, said Vladimir Sinkevich, the chief state sanitary officer of the region. ...
22 April 2020
«#Thanks to the physicians»: free postcards with words of gratitude can be sent to health workers of Vitebsk oblast With a hashtag #Thankstothephysicians everyone can send postcards with words of gratitude to medical workers of healthcare institutions of the oblast for free. ...
21 April 2020
In connection with the mass release of protective equipment, light industry enterprises of Vitebsk Oblast are looking for new workers Domestic light industry began to master the release of protective equipment for physicians, as well as the population. ...
20 April 2020
In Vitebsk, more than a hundred trees were planted during an environmental campaign On April 11, in Vitebsk, employees of the oblast committee of natural resources and environmental protection planted more than a hundred trees during the environmental campaign «Let's Improve Our Small Homeland». ...
17 April 2020
WHO Representatives in Vitebsk: the spread of the virus will have to be fought for 12-18 months On April 10, representatives of the World Health Organization mission watched the system of measures taken in Vitebsk Oblast to overcome coronavirus infection. ...