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6 September 2022

Lukashenko emphasizes importance of storing high-quality fodder

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko paid attention to the need to prepare high-quality forage as he visited the agricultural company Agrokombinat Dzerzhinsky in Krupki District on 2 September, BelTA has learned.

“This year must become the founding one, the defining one, and we will compare all these yield percentages in the future to this year,” the head of state said.

Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo reported to the head of state that less than 3% of the area was left to harvest in the country. The harvest of grains and leguminous plants has already reached 10.7 million tonnes. 

“We have focused on grain, but we need to look at maize. We need maize silage as well. We do not need to chase to get 11 million tonnes of grain. We need to carefully figure out what we need to get from maize: grain or good silage. We need to take a sensible approach,” stressed Aleksandr Lukashenko. 

The head of state also emphasized the need for prompt sowing of winter crops: “We have realized that we should sow winter crops, increase these areas.” 

Another important issue is to lift flax straw. The president said that he planned to visit Orsha Linen Mill in late autumn to discuss flax processing prospects. 

Visiting the Agrokombinat Dzerzhinsky facilities in the district, the head of state got familiar with the production capabilities of the enterprise and the prospects of its development. According to Vladimir Lukyanov, director general of the agricultural company, plans are in place to build new dairy farms, a plant to process non-food animal raw materials and turkey meat production facilities. 

“Is there demand for turkey in the market? Are we going to increase production?” the president asked.

According to Vladimir Lukyanov, the demand for the product is high both at the domestic market and abroad. The demand continues growing. Since there are no problems with the sales, we need to raise the profitability of sales, which means the need for expanding production, Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

Written by

 Ihar Мaroz    Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee

Ihar Мaroz

Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee