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9 November 2022

Lukashenko dwells on changes in government's work, Belarus' legal framework

 At a meeting held on 8 November to discuss the bills amending the laws “On the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus” and “On normative legal acts” the Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko voiced the main requirements to these documents, BelTA has learned. 

The head of state said that bringing the legislation in accordance with the updated Constitution is a very important topic for the country. “There are a lot of issues, they are not simple, they require the closest attention,” he said. The draft laws on the Belarusian People's Congress and on changes to the Electoral Code were discussed at the presidential level not long ago. The amendments to the law on the Council of Ministers and the law on normative legal acts are on the agenda of today's meeting. 

Describing the document on the activity of the Council of Ministers, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed: “Over the past years, our government has gained tremendous experience: overcoming crisis situations and pandemics, managing the economy in these conditions.” 

“These achievements, a successfully-developed practice should be definitely enshrined in the law. I also demand more initiative and independence of the Council of Ministers, even boldness in decision-making,” the president said. 

The Belarusian leader is convinced that appropriate mechanisms should be laid down in the draft law to make everything work well. “This is the area of responsibility for the Council of Ministers. While working on a draft law, one should remember that the structure of the government should not remain frozen as well. I already talked about that in August,” he stressed. 

The second document - the bill on normative legal acts – is the basis for a single legal space of the country. “It should help constitutional norms develop, taking into account the current situation,” said the head of state. 

In his words, the current law specifies in detail who has the right to adopt these or those documents as well as their legal effect. “With a new body - the Belarusian People's Congress – included in the Constitution we have to define its place in the system of legal acts. The importance of these documents is comparable to that of the decisions of the Congress of the Communist Party in its time. The law should contain answers to all the questions about lawmaking: starting from preparation procedures and ending with a clear explanation of rules. My demand is that everything must be spelled out in simple and clear language, simply and understandably!” the president said.

Written by

 Ihar Мaroz    Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee

Ihar Мaroz

Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee