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7 September 2022

Lukashenko meets with Belarus' first vice premier

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko held a working meeting with Belarusian First Vice Premier Nikolai Snopkov on 6 September, BelTA has learned. 

“China's direction is your personal responsibility. The second issue is import substitution. The third issue is the transfer of payments for the products supplied. That means the economic and financial block of issues. How does the National Bank, and the government too, help our companies with the transfer of payments for the supplies?” the head of state listed the topics for discussion. 

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, there are no unsolvable matters here. “I need letters, I need a solution to the problem. If people ask for help, we should help. People can sell their products and get money for it, but there are people who can't. And if someone does not want to work in this situation, you should also make corresponding proposals,” he added. 

The president also asked the first deputy prime minister about the operation of some Belarusian enterprises under the sanctions. "According to the reports, some companies seem to be in a worse situation, while others are doing better. We are solving the problems,” he said.

Written by

 Ihar Мaroz    Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee

Ihar Мaroz

Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee