Address: 2 Karl Marx Street, Senno 211117, Vitebsk oblast


Phone: 02135 4-13-47

Hot line 02135 4-13-98

Main Greeting


Dear guests!

There are many beautiful places in the world, which arouse a feeling of admiration and exaltation. Though not spectacular at first sight, the Senna land has special power and emanates positive energy, cosiness and tranquillity.

Our land abounds with forests, rivers, blue lakes and, first and foremost, kind-hearted and amiable people. Using their hands, their minds and the power of their souls, today’s generation of residents of the Senna region, with much love and care, creates the present-day image of the region. The Senna region is proud of its countrymen who have reached peaks in the spheres of culture, healthcare, education and other spheres of national economy.

You will learn about the history, geography, people and, naturally, about economic and social development of the Senna region by visiting our Internet site.

Chairman of the Senna Regional Executive Committee